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MarketResearchCareers is the leading job and resume posting website exclusively focused upon the market research industry. Jobs are posted and resumes are searched by the Fortune 1000, market research suppliers and professional recruiters alike. And just a handful of employers include:

Some of our clients
  • Altria
  • Ben & Jerry's
  • Blue Cross
  • C+R Research
  • Coty
  • Decision Analyst
  • Dynata
  • Hershey's
  • Honda
  • Hyundai
  • Ipsos
  • Lieberman Research Now Material+
  • Millward Brown
  • Nestle
  • Nielsen
  • NPD Group
  • Post
  • Vanguard
  • Warner Brothers
  • Wells Fargo

Each year hundreds of market research jobs are posted on MarketResearchCareers�from project directors to market research analysts to market research directors to senior level research and management positions. Similarly, countless resume and job searches are conducted annually by employers and job seekers, respectively.

As our sole focus is staffing for the market research industry, we actively manage the database of resumes to ensure only market research professionals are available to fill positions posted on our site.

Our objective, through our job posting and resume searching capabilities, is to empower employers to easily identify and hire professional researchers who seek a career in market research. Below is what employers say about our services:

"We have been using MarketResearchCareers for years and it is refreshing to use a service that only gives me what I am looking for: qualified market research professionals."

"The value-price proposition of MarketResearchCareers is unparalleled. And it helped me to fill my marketing research jobs quickly."

"MarketResearchCareers makes it so simple for me to find the marketing research analysts and other candidates I am looking to hire."

"Your support and services surpass other recruiting methods as you are intimately familiar with market research, the needs of hiring managers and the skills and experiences of candidates."

"I have found your site to be exceptionally helpful. The ongoing enhancements make this site more valuable every day. Thank you for the great customer service and attention to detail."

Our customer satisfaction rating approaches 95% percent, and even higher among clients who have used our service for two or more years.

With MarketResearchCareers, you will be able to fill even hard to staff positions quickly with incredibly qualified job seekers.

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