May 2015 Newsletter: Research Methods and Best Suppliers

We wanted to continue to share several key findings from the 2015 Annual Survey of Market Research Professionals. We hope you enjoy these insights only available from MarketResearchCareers.

Survey Methods

Online surveys, for the first time, have achieved full penetration among market research professionals. Telephone and mail-based surveys continue their decline albeit on an accelerated basis.

2015 Survey Methods

Attitudes Toward Online Surveys
More than three-quarters (78%) of all MR professionals believe online surveys are too long. However, research professionals are concerned about online survey cooperation rates. Today 70% of MR professionals believe online surveys provide equal or better quality when compared to mail surveys.

2015 Attitudes

Attitudes Toward Behavioral Data
Researchers believe the use and analysis of behavioral (non-opinion based) data is a valuable and insightful complement to traditional sources. However, few (6%) researchers believe behavioral data will eliminate the need for surveys.

2015 Attitudes Toward Behavioral Data

Best MR Suppliers
The individual customers of 112 MR Suppliers identified the best firm along each of five dimensions below. The winners are:

2015 Best MR Suppliers

Future of Market Research

In the next five years, researchers believe the importance of MR will continue to grow, be communicated through traditional written reports, require a longer time commitment from participants and rely upon consumer behaviors (vs. opinions).

Future of Research
The tenth edition of the Annual Survey of Market Research Professionals was conducted between January 12 and February 1, 2015 capturing the opinions of 675 market research professionals.

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Mike Carroll