August 2014 Newsletter from MarketResearchCareers

Based upon the 2014 Annual Survey of Market Research Professionals, below are several interesting charts regarding the shifting nature of MR.

Additional charts regarding changing attitudes and methods are in the attached report--many of which include trended data since 2005.

Behavioral Data
The attitudes toward and use of behavioral data continue to be dynamic. Researchers increasingly perceive this form of research to hold potential.

Behavioral Data

Qualitative Methods
Usability research is experiencing a surge while other qualitative methods remain relatively constant.

Qualitative Methods

Future of Market Research
To help explore and understand how researchers view methodologies in the coming five years, MarketResearchCareers has posed a series of questions. The chart below summaries the opinions and attitudes of more than 600 MR professionals along 10 key dimensions.

The Future of Market Research

Mike Carroll