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MarketResearchCareers provides a monthly newsletter to market research professionals. Our newsletter is:

  • Distributed to nearly 50,000 market research professionals monthly including more than 40,000 active job seekers and nearly 15,000 market research managers.
  • Addresses a wide range of market research topics - from industry trends to new methodologies to shifting skill set requirements.
  • Generates high levels of engagement, being read and highly appreciated by our site registrants.

Comments from our readers about the MarketResearchCareers newsletter include:

A friend of mine recently 'turned me on to' your site and newsletters. I'd like to express how helpful the information has been. Thanks from one market researcher to another.

I appreciate the information in each newsletter. I find the information interesting and valuable to my job.

LOVE the information .... thanks for sharing .... and keep the great newsletters coming!

Very interesting! It's by far the best newsletter about the market research industry bar none!

I usually don't read any newsletters, but the information is fresh and valuable to me.

Sponsoring the MarketResearchCareers Newsletter offers your company the ability to:

  1. Promote your products, services, or jobs to nearly 50,000 professional market researchers -- monthly.
  2. Induce trial and drive sales.
  3. Build your firm's brand and reputation among market research professionals.


Examples of past newsletters include:


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