Finding the right people

Need Sales to Drive Your Research Business?

MarketResearchCareers can help increase your 2010 sales by delivering the contact details of those interested in and likely to purchase your services.

This month we delivered 107 unique sales leads resulting from 209 downloads for just one market research supplier looking to drive sales.

What our clients say:

"The service has been invaluable raising the awareness of our methodologies and driving sales. It paid for itself 20 times over, and we are only beginning to work the sales leads provided by MarketResearchCareers. We're simply delighted."

How Does It Work?

  1. You provide a white paper, case study, or other downloadable document of interest to potential clients.
  2. We promote your document to our membership of 50,000+ market research professionals.
  3. Interested members request your document(s) and provide their contact details.
  4. We deliver the document(s) to the requesting member via email.
  5. We deliver qualified leads to you online in real-time.
Member User Experience
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Why Does This Work?

Market research professionals are always looking to learn new techniques and understand the capabilities of new suppliers. Given the trusted relationship with our members, they are comfortable turning to us to expand their skill set, advance their own businesses, and acquire deeper insights into the market research industry.

Importantly, members have self-selected to receive your documents so they represent highly qualified sales leads.

How Do I Access My Leads?

You access your qualified leads by logging into our site. A list of those requesting your document including all of their contact information is provided online in real time.

Customer User Experience
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What Does It Cost?

We believe in a simple model. You pay a flat monthly rate and we take care of the rest. Then you can contact the market research professionals who request your document. We assume all of the risk advertising and promoting your documents to our members.

How Do I Get Started?

Contact Mike Carroll at 1-800-872-5401 to discuss the documents you would like to offer and support your sales needs. It's that simple. Give us a call.