Accepting a Market Research Job Offer

  1. Make the Commitment: Prior to accepting a new marketing research job, be sure you have discussed the opportunity with your family and friends. Consider all of the reasons for making change—not just the financials. And once you are sure it is time to move on to a new opportunity, make the commitment and do not second guess your decision.

  2. Accepting the market research job offer

  3. Obtain the Offer in Writing: Always ask for a written and signed offer letter from the hiring manager. Be sure the offer includes the agreed upon roles, responsibilities, reporting relationships, title, compensation and benefits, start date, and all other documents that must be signed (i.e., confidentiality, conditions of employment, etc.).

  4. Provide a Verbal Response and Written Acceptance: Call your hiring manager and personally tell them of your acceptance; they will be delighted. Also communicate that you have sent a signed letter confirming your acceptance along with the date you will begin your new marketing research job.

  5. Provide Notice to Your Current Manager: Arrange a time to speak with your current supervisor at least two weeks prior to the start date of your new position. During the discussion, verbally communicate your decision to leave the firm and provide, at that meeting, a brief dated letter stating your resignation and last day with the company. In advance of your discussion, be aware of any potential counter offers and be prepared to respond to them.

  6. Wrap Up Loose Ends: Be happy and work hard during your last weeks with your current firm; it’s truly a small world and paths are likely to cross again. Complete outstanding tasks and transition your work to whoever your manager designates.